Who am I? orz

Frustrated, bowed orz (bottom) originated from Japan is a kind of network hieroglyphs (or mood image).

look ! This shape like a man falling down on the ground. Feeling very depressed.

orz  life is my blog’s name, it is mean helpless or frustrated life. I think life sometimes is unsatisfactory, so I build this blog. When I feel depressed, I need a place to vent and relax. Here I can put my troubles and pressure in the article, the hope can someone give me some advice.



Aha~welcome to my blog. I believe people will notice this picture, when they first into my blog. Obviously, I choose yellow as background is to attract your attention.In this picture you can easily find my blog’s theme is fashionable design and visual effect . What are you waiting for? Let ‘s go into a world full of surprises!